Paul Dorn: E-mail to Family/Friends, 9.21.01
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September 21, 2001


The US seems poised to launch war. Again. Before we support this, maybe we should ponder a few questions. These might form a start for such deliberations:

1) What sort of policies does our government pursue around the world that engenders so much animosity toward the US? Yes, Osama bin Laden is scum. The Taliban are scum. Slobodan Milosovic, Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega, Timothy McVeigh and a host of others are also scum. The question, however, is this: Why does our government fund, train, support and create such monsters?!? All of these jerks are creations of the US security apparatus. Why? What has our government been doing abroad--allegedly in our name--that puts us at risk of retaliation?

2) The US government already spends BILLIONS on defense and security--money that isn't going to schools, hospitals, housing, transit systems, the arts and other pressing needs here in the US--and yet it couldn't protect innocent civilians in New York and elsewhere. Just what is our government doing with all that money besides fattening the profits of Lockheed-Martin, TRW, Raytheon, and General Dynamics? Just how will spending additional billions increase safety? Why haven't the heads of Justice, the FBI and the CIA been asked to resign? Seems like holding those folks accountable would do a lot more to ensure security than launching cruise missiles.

3) How will bombing and killing a bunch of innocent Afghanis, Pakistanis, Iraqis, Palestinians, whomever--people who had not the slightest involvement with the terror attacks--how will that make us safer? Especially since the "Bad Guys" (Osama, Saddam, Taliban, etc.,) are the only ones in those areas with the means to escape (limos, private jets, bunkers and Swiss bank accounts) and likely will be minimally affected by a military assault. Are we simply after vengeance? Or are we trying to prevent future terrorist attacks?

4) How will this proposed "War on Terrorism" work exactly? How will it differ from the "War on Drugs," which our government has been waging for 30 years, wasting billions of dollars and millions of lives in the process? What is the objective? How is "victory" defined? Is the military approach the best way to deal with the problem of terrorism? Wouldn't a better approach be to try reducing the desperation and hopelessness that leads people to resort to drugs or suicide attacks? Or is the objective of both these "Wars" simply to grant the government greater license to abuse civil liberties at home and unleash great violence abroad. Oh and also, not coincidentally, directing our tax money toward corporate "security" suppliers?

5) So, George W. Bush is OK now? The majority of people in the US who bothered to vote last year voted AGAINST him. So why are we seemingly ready to support his efforts to create a police state and wage war against enemies he'll define as needed? (Is it just me, or does the "Department of Homeland Security" that Bush proposed last night sound an awful lot like the Stasi, KGB or Gestapo?)

Paul Dorn
Davis CA

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