Paul Dorn: 2001 Bianchi Pista
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Bianchi Pista

Once only found on velodrome tracks, single-speed fixed-gear bikes are growing increasingly popular on urban streets, because of their simplicity, retro-appeal and pure speed (without the weight of derailleurs, cables, gears, and brakes.) One challenge of riding a fixed-gear is getting the bike together in the first place.

The Bianchi Pista takes care of that, with a well-rounded blend of frame materials and components, and an unmatched pedigree (as well as a price that makes it easier to justify another bike). The MegaPro chrome-moly frame is the foundation of pure unadulterated speed, with a sexy matte black finish, black hubs, and a black bar, stem and seat post. This 59-cm size works for people 5'9" to 6'1" or so. Ride on the track or the street, as it comes equipped with a front brake.

Highlights: MegaPro Reynolds 520 double-butted chrome-moly frame. A 48-tooth front chainring, with a 14-tooth fixed gear (Dura-Ace cog) on one side of the rear hub, 14-tooth freewheel on other. Comes with an older Shimano 105 front brake, Mavic CXP-21 rims with Continental Ultra tires, and Wellgo clipless pedals.

Why consider a fixed-gear bike? See Sheldon Brown's excellent essay on the benefits.

This bike resides in the "Greater" San Francisco Bay Area; prefer not to ship, but will consider it. For more information, please write me at or call 530-297-1796.

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Last modified April 11, 2004

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